I’ve found through my interactions with Christians in various settings and from different backgrounds that the vast majority are accepting of the American tradition that surrounds October 31.  Sure, they aren’t going to like, support, or endorse every costume they see or every activity that takes place on October 31, but their attitude is generally neutral toward this day of the year.  At the same time, there is also a vocal contingent of Christians who oppose everything about what happens on October 31.

My Little Scarecrows

This post is not intended to attack one perspective or the other.  I would merely like to share with you my thoughts on October 31.  My thoughts are pretty simple.  I like the American tradition associated with October 31. I enjoy spending the extra time with my family, carving pumpkins (see below) and creating costumes (see my little scarecrows to the right).  I also enjoy the time spent with my community.  More than any other day of the year, October 31 can open the lines of communication with neighbors.  In my parents neighborhood, everyone sits outside in their front yard.  They talk about more things during a few hours on this one night than they will every other day of the year combined.

Certainly, I don’t approve of everything that happens on October 31, but I do appreciate the opportunities that it gives me in my family and in my community.  So, I guess I agree with Tony Morgan who says, “Until someone comes up with a alternative holiday where I get to connect with my neighbors and enjoy quality family time, I’m going to be a fan of Halloween.”  And, by the way, he’s put together a more exhaustive list of eight reasons why he’s a fan.  Here’s his post:

I love Halloween. I know. I’m not supposed to love Halloween since I’m a Christian and a pastor, but I do. Here’s why:

  1. Friends from my neighborhood come to my front door, unannounced, to visit.
  2. I get the chance to meet neighbors that I haven’t met before.
  3. I have the opportunity to engage in conversations I would not normally have.
  4. My kids are darn cute when they dress up in costumes.
  5. My home feels warm and inviting after being outside for a couple of hours.
  6. No one is expecting me to do anything “pastoral” on Halloween evening. I can just be normal Tony.
  7. I have a rich assortment of candy that I can steal from my kids.
  8. I get to enjoy a fun evening with my family.

I’m probably going to get slammed for admitting this. After all, Halloween is supposed to be the evil

holiday. But, until someone comes up with a alternative holiday where I get to connect with my neighbors and enjoy quality family time, I’m going to be a fan of Halloween.

So, there you have it.  Now, you know where I’m coming from, and you know why I choose to participate in the American tradition that is known as Halloween.  Will you take advantage of the opportunity in your community?

2010 Williams Family Pumpkins: Dora & Diego