The facts matter. They really do, but if you can’t communicate them in a way that makes sense to people, then the facts lose their impact. Take these two tablet advertisements for example (embedded at the bottom of the page). Both are the same length, and both are clever in their own way. But, from an emotional standpoint, the iPad 2 commercial probably wins. The reality is that the average non-techie person, who doesn’t care about the internal specs, gets lost when you start talking about Flash, Tegra processors, and LTE upgradeable. They just want to know if it “works.” In other words, will it do what I want it to do? Can’t you see your Dad saying that?

The take away is this, Christianity is the truth. The Bible has the answers to life’s challenging questions. Our task is to find ways to communicate the truth to those around us in ways that make sense. We need to put the cookies on the lower shelf so that everyone can reach them. The message can be made relevant and simple while still maintaining it’s doctrinal integrity. So, let’s get to it!

(Thanks to The iPhone Blog for the inspiration for this post)