The Trick Shot Quarterback gets a shot at the NFL

Check out the video below. It’s pretty stinking impressive. In high school, I played quarterback for my Christian high school’s flag football team (we weren’t a big enough school to have tackle). And, as a former quarterback, I can tell you that these passes were no easy feat. Sure, maybe they took multiple shots for some of the passes, but still it’s incredibly challenging to hit a football goal post three times in a row from 50 yards (single shot, no cut-aways).

So anyway, since the posting of the video last year, it’s reached nearly two million views, ans it’s earned this college quarterback, Alex Tanney, a shot in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. He’s been invited to their minicamp.

It just goes to show you the power of viral marketing. Viral videos and word-of-mouth advertising are hugely effective. If your business, organization, or church is doing something remarkable, people will tell their friends. And then, growth will happen naturally.

The Challenge

Let’s be remarkable and give people a reason to tell their friends and family about the amazing things that God is doing through us.

The Trick Shot Video

Note: Thanks to Mashable for the inspiring article.